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Our Core Business


JADE Biomedical provides a new business model to the vibrant ecosystem of the biopharmaceutical industry.  It is of particular value to the growing Chinese biopharmaceutical companies in the journey to establish GMP manufacturing and Product Quality infrastructure, while moving their R&D programs through clinical development and initial product launch.  It also provides a touch point for global companies in their China expansion with a reliable, international standard, yet locally based CMC Quality and Regulatory Support.  JADE Biomedical provides Quality services from 'A to Z' hence alleviating the common challenge in China of lacking Quality expertise and systems to support clinical development of lead drug candidates.  JADE Biomedical allows early stage companies to evolve into product development companies while ensuring Quality at all the right stages without up front commitment of a full internal Quality infrastructure while enhancing the Quality standard of more mature companies.

JADE Biomedical’s business model provides a fresh approach to support the evolving and demanding needs of the global biopharmaceutical industry supporting product pipeline advances from development through launch and commercialization.

In China for the World, JADE Biomedical

  • provides a hands-on approach to support Chinese Biopharmaceutical companies in their journey toward world class GMP infrastructure to ensure product quality, manufacturing processes, and product controls
  • provides a China based touch point and support with a professional Quality team, reliable international standards, and local CMC & Regulatory knowledge for firms as they expand into China
  • provides comprehensive quality services from ‘A to Z’  using its team of experienced Quality professionals to provide experience-based support to enable the clinical development of lead therapeutic candidates

JADE Biomedical facilitates the rapid growth, evolution, and valuation of early and late-stage companies/products from research into clinical product development, providing phase appropriate and scalable Global Quality Systems with a cost & time effective solution.


Tailored Just for Your Business

JADE Biomedical will first and foremost ascertain and understand your business objectives, and product needs, especially those around clinical stage development and the initial product launch. Based on that, a Quality plan is generated and implementation of it is then lead and coordinated by our experienced Quality professionals including product control strategies.

JADE Biomedical’s team of highly experienced Quality professionals works with your team to: 

  • Understand your specialized and unique business objectives
  • Focus on your pipeline to platform systems through all phases: Development, Clinical, and Launch
  • Create an adaptive Quality Plan and Product Control Strategies
  • Drive and implement your bespoke system to plan


Business Overview

Jade Biomedical provides world-class end-to-end GMP quality management services for biomedical product development companies in China and Asia and around the world, enabling product realization and commercial operations. It is the world's first Contract Quality Organization with a hands-on approach remaining involved with our clients throughout their product development from before IND to post-product launch.  We strongly believe that our specialized international standard GMP Quality Services provide a cost-effective way to enable and ensure the success of small to medium biologics companies in their quest in product realization. We take great pride in being their GMP Quality partners and contributing to the overall mission of saving lives and improving the quality of life for people with serious medical needs in China and around the world.